Los Porkos
Return to the old country

Return to the old country

Pigs, strengthened with technologies and improved combat tactics, went back to the old country, to build here their lost homeland and to ingratiate as well with their ancestors. Due to ongoing unrest in the new world, caused by poor harvests and also due to lack of funds, on journey got between soldiers also criminals. They landed in the old world at the shores of mythical city, which once abounded in riches. This wealth they knew from old tales and it was written into parchments by pig scholars and magicians. They slew and expelled cow gold diggers and thieves, which were looking for treasure of the mythical city. On grounds of the old mythical city they established town Los Porkos. Initially, the town faced the invasions of cow’s strains that, since the PORKOS EMPIRE, really did not develop. Because they had pigs with laxative cows did not get close to them.
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